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Home Sweet Home 🏡

For our wonderful pets, Richmond Boarding and Grooming is more than just a place to stay, it is the place that provides them with the comforts and feelings of a home-like environment. Richmond Boarding and Grooming treats your pet like we would our own. We make your feel like they’re home with our supportive staff, our comfortable environment, and our large facilities.

Safety and Security 

It is understandable that you might worry about your pet while you are gone for the day or for two weeks, perhaps. No need to fear, Richmond Boarding’s here. Richmond Boarding keeps your pet under a parental-like eye and protects your pet to the fullest extent possible, keeping your pet safe and sound, while making you feel relaxed that your pet is in the best hands possible.

Happiness 🐶

It is clear that happiness keeps your pet quite healthy. Richmond Boarding and Grooming has large facilities that accommodate your pet. Your pet also will receive healthy and hearty meals, or meals according to their dietary restrictions to make sure they continue to build their strength while you are away.  Please Contact us if there are any special dietary restrictions or medication provisions.

Grooming Services 🐩

Your pet will be very comfortable and relaxed, especially after a make-over from our renowned groomers. They’re very personable with the pets, and they will make your pet feel refreshed. Richmond Boarding and Grooming will make sure that your pet will look great and feel great when he or she is ready to come home to you.

Plan Your Stay With Us.

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  • Please make sure that your pet has all of the booster shots and vaccinations. Please make sure that these vaccinations and booster shots are up-to-date, a negative stool sample, flea and tick control. DOCUMENTATION IS MANDATORY.
  • Please make us aware if your pet has the potential to cause physical damage to other pets.
  • It would be recommended if you would take our virtual tour or physical tour of our facility. Schedule an appointment with us for the physical tour:
  • Please make us aware if your pet has any special dietary provisions or prescriptions needs that must be fulfilled
  • It would be strongly recommended that you would plan your pet’s stay in advance because space is limited, and is very occupied during peak seasons